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Marketing Plan Development

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Service Description

Do you know your good customers, bad customers, and mediocre customers? Well! Successful business owners do. They know more about their competitors than their competitors know about themselves. They never stop gathering information that will help them succeed in the marketplace. They use this information to reach new customers, retain existing customers, and grow their overall customer base. Every successful business has a detailed, strategic and tactical marketing plan. Most struggling businesses don’t. But effects of globalization, technological obsolescence, and social, political, legal and rapid regulatory changes have made even the best marketing plan’s shelf life much shorter than it was in the past. Even the slow changing sectors such as manufacturing or transportation, must adapt much faster than before. So, the idea of creating a 5 to 10-year marketing plan is unworkable. Most businesses require a quarterly review with minor adjustments, with a major review once a year. Contact Us now to discuss your marketing plan goals! Our marketing planning process can be tailored to your specific needs. We help you develop your strategic and tactical marketing plan through a process of the below 4 stages: Market Research Analysis and Planning Implementation Measuring Results

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