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Employee Development Training

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

We at Silkwood Consulting, recognise that talent shortage and lack of skilled workers in business organisations as one of the biggest obstacles for improving business efficiency and growth. A competent workforce needs to learn and develop numerous skills in dealing with day to day affairs of business operations. This is why we offer highly structured training programs for employee development.

  1. Advanced training for business executives (ATBE): our training experts have developed 10 modules under this program, designed to achieve learning outcomes equivalent to postgraduate level understanding of the taught concepts and subject areas.

  2. General employee training for management and performance improvement (GET): our general employee development training program is targeted at delivering skill-based training for employees’ organization wide. Our training experts have developed 5 general employee training (GET) short courses covering areas commonly useful for all industries.

These skills are vital for business executives, managers, their subordinates and operatives alike. Therefore, Silkwood Consulting offers an advanced skills development training program especially for business executives. Apart from these our general employee training programs are aimed at improving management and employee performance of organisations. We help analyse training requirements of organisations and customize our training modules to suit customer requirements. We also deliver training on contract basis for periods of 1 to 2 years or more.

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