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Silkwood Starts Consulting & Training Services for Public and Private Sector Organisations

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

On the 29th of November 2018, Silkwood Pvt Ltd has registered a new business, Silkwood Consulting with Ministry of Trade and Economic Development to provide business consulting, employee development, HR consultancy & support services for business organizations. The firm's core team comprises of experienced consultants with strong academic and professional backgrounds who have provided advisory and consultancy to many renowned organisations in the Maldives.

The firm will provide resource specialists and experts for projects and programs run by its clients across many industries in the private and public sectors, by helping organizations improve their businesses in two major ways through employee development training and business consulting. Additionally it will also provide services in project management of Resort & Hotel Development, strategy planning, bid consulting, and conducting surveys and market research studies for its clients.

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